Canadian Payroll

Our payroll software has been running continuously for over 25 years.

We can do it backwards

We've written payroll software to calculate payroll backwards. It's called XpatPay. Enter the net pay into the system and the system will calculate the gross pay.

Refer to this YouTube video that describes our method.

Income, Deductions, Taxable Benefits

Tell us what you need and we can make it work.

Enhance your software

Sometimes you need a small system to fill in the gaps for your existing software. If your system doesn't handle two tiered LTD (Long Term Disability) contributions, Platinum Pro is experienced in writing a system to incorporate that.

Payroll Interfaces

If you need an electronic funds transfer to a different bank, we can assist you with that. If you need to send data to a human resources system, we can write a program that will do that. If you need to reconcile your data with another system, we can make that easy.

If you need a custom general ledger interface to properly determine the cost of employee work, we have experience in this area and can write software to deal with your specific needs.

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