GoFormz Service Provider

Platinum Pro has partnered with GoFormz to help you implement electronic forms for your employees.

How much do missing and incomplete forms cost your company? One missing time sheet can cost you thousands of dollars in billable time.

Refer to this YouTube video about GoFormz.


iOS (Apple), Android, Windows...GoFormz has apps for all three platforms. In addition, it runs on most browsers. Once a form is set up, it automatically runs on all these platforms.

Better Success

Though GoFormz is easy to use, our custom software development background helps to make the implementation better. We can program complicated forms validations, and we can make sure the data from the forms gets to your target systems.

Setup typically ranges from $300 - $3,000 per form depending on the number of components in the form. If you can send your forms to us at Info2006@ptpro.comm. We can provide a free, quick and simple fixed price quotation for your approval.

Faster Setup

We know how to get a system up and running quickly. So you can focus on your business.

We've created some formulas that are hundreds of characters long--and they work.

WiFi, Cellular, out-of-range

It doesn't matter where you are, with GoFormz and a compatible tablet, you can enter your forms--in the middle of a city or whether you are the furthest outlying field site. Underground, on an airplane, or in a different country. It's easy.

Try it out

We've created a public form that is commonly used in Canada - the TD1 Federal. You can access it here.

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