Group Insurance

Platinum Pro has 30 years experience writing group insurance software -- making sure that premiums are calculated properly, that the insurance company gets the correct premium and ensuring that your employees are covered with the correct insurance.

Large or Small

Our largest client has 300,000+ members covered. Our smallest system handles one employee.

Data Conversions

We specialize in converting data from one system to another using many different formats. Our experience in writing customized programs can provide verification on the accuracy of the existing data conversion you have in place.

System Interfaces

Platinum Pro has written many different interfaces between systems, transferring data to insurance companies, trustees, and other suppliers like Great-West Life, SunLife, Fidelity, Alberta Blue Cross, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Benefit Planners, ADP, Ceridian, and others.

Your software , your way

Whatever the size or complexity of specific customized applications, we are dedicated to tailoring your benefits plan to meet the individual needs of your company. It is our goal to design a database to suit your company, your employees, your plan, your management style. A customized system will streamline your day-to-day operations and result in enhanced productivity.

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